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Sun in 1st House

Sun is the Royal Plant of Solar System. As per vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai Sun indicates king or Government, father or father like person, Authority,  chanting hymns, medicine, trees, metal works, copper, fire arms, fire, forests, Government service/ job, magistrate, ambassadors etc. Astrologer depicts Sun also as Ego, eyes, vitality, royalty, money lending, our Will power,  wool, silk cloth, statesman, soul, physician, etc.

Sun in 1st house may give native some eye trouble, sickness during childhood. As per Vedic astrologer Sundeep Ghai Sun makes the native travel more. The person will have less hairs on head, Angry and will have prominent personality. Sun make native courageous, coarse physique, tall and somewhat impatient. Sun in first house, if in aries gives good results. Being a fiery planet in fiery sign will give good health, stately appearance. He will have political success, capable of doing daring deeds, will have strong will, lazy in work, not so combative and pioneering. Astralbless requests to see the PAC of Sun with other planets before any conclusions.

Sun in 2nd House

Sun the luminescent planet represent Ego, Fire, Poison and being a planet of separation if posited in Second House which as per vedic astrologer Sundeep Ghai is the house of immediate family ie. Wife and children, house of speech, representing mouth, face and your earnings will not give good results. Sun in second house may give disturbed family, facial disease, tooth trouble, stammering. As per Astrologer the second house in Kaal Purush kundli is house of Taurus whose ruling lord is Venus being a enemy of Sun. Therefore position of Sun in 2nd house will be bad. The second house is also house of wealth and the lord of second house in Horoscope is enemy of Sun, so its position here may deprive the native of happiness and wealth or it my give high expenses and loss of money.  Astralbless requests to see the PAC of Sun with other planets before any conclusions.

Sun in 3rd House

In Vedic Astrology Sun in the 3rd house will give the native no siblings or no good relationship with them. In Third house Sun may give male child  and good wealth. The person will be courageous, have good tolerance power .  As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai native will be handsome, learned conquer his enemies. Best Astrologer tell that malefices in the third house make the native very courageous and ability to face odd situations, but its also a bad result for Coborn. The result may vary due to influence of other planets in the horoscope. Astralbless requests to see the PAC of Sun with other planets before any conclusions.

Sun in 4th House

As per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai  Sun the royal planet in 4th house may give native services of Government and grace of God. He may be devoid of conveyance and relatives, will be prone to heart diseases. As per some astrologers he will destroy paternal properties and their wealth. Native may have mental worries making him unhappy. Astralbless  suggest if the native move to some foreign countries he may prosper as not prosperity gained in own country. With Sun in fourth house the native will be sensitive, will have good reputation, may quarrel without cause, has weak constitution and will have good reputation. Astralbless suggest to consider Desh, Kaal and Patra alogwith PAC connection of other planets.

Sun in 5th House Sun in Fifth House

In Vedic Astrology the Fifth house represents children, education, mental aptitude, your tendencies, childhood, grandfather etc. In natural Zodiac Sun is the lord of fifth house, therefore its position, as per astrologer, here give a few children, a son, wisdom, intelligence and courage. Astrologer Sundeep Ghai says the Native will be intelligent, poor, paternal danger, or may loose his father at an early age. May have unhappy and disturbed mind. If Sun is with Rahu or Ketu it may lead to loss of children or with conjunction of Mars loss of children due to enemies. The Native may have bulky body, fickle mind, scholarly but short life. May wander in hills or forests. As per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai Sun’s position in fifth house is not preferred. If Jupiter or Mercury are combust with Sun in fifth house then the native will be dull. Astralbless  suggest to see its PAC with all other planets to conclude any results. Best wishes from

Sun in 6th House  Sun in Sixth House

The position of Sun in Sixth house may give good administrative abilities, boldness and success. The Native will be defier of cast and customs. The Native will be financially sound, affluent and famous for his virtues. As per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai he may have many enemies and will be able to destroy them. He will be terror to his enemies. The Native will have executive abilities and may have colic troubles. Sun in 6th house gives Native praise worthy qualities, happy surroundings, interested in Yoga. As per best astrologer Sundeep says as per Vedas Malefics in Sixth house are described as good. The native will have ability to fight back odds and destroy criticism. He may cause evil to his mother’s family but keep his brothers and relatives happy. As per Sundeep Ghai the native will be close to king and with his competitive spirit will be able to win. In these days of fast life and fierce competition Sun position in Sixth house will give good results. Astralbless suggest to ascertain PUC of other planets also before coming to any conclusion.

Sun in 7th House   Sun in Seventh house

Sun in seventh house gives the native medium stature and is happy in female’s company. The person will be unhappy due to troubles and miseries. As per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai the Native will be poor and will also suffer on account of diseases, will face insult, imprisonment and will be unhappy with wife. As per best astrologer Sun in seventh house is not good for married life, will be involved in sinful acts and have health problem due to excessive sex. The female may be childless with Sun in 7th House. Native will be fond of Foreign things, disconnected and partner’s character questionable. Astralbless requests to see the PAC of Sun with other planets before any conclusions.

Sun in 8th House Sun in Eight House

Sun in Eighth house as per Vedic Astrology makes the person very active, talkative who serves low cast people. Sun represents eyes so the native may have defective eyes, will be poor and unhappy. He may be separated from his family and can have relationship with foreign lady. As per Astrologer malefic position in eighth house is undesirable. Sun is a royal planet which creates royal pressure. As per astralbless Sun’s position in eighth house, the place of losses, suffering,  is said to cause sufferings and chronic ailments as mentioned in Vedas. Native may suffer piles, weak sight and physical ailments leading to short lived. The native may have few children. If Sun in own house or exalted the native will be longed lived. Astrologer Sundeep Ghai of suggests to see the PAC with all other planets before coming to any conclusions.

Sun in 9th House Sun in Ninth House

The Sun in ninth house makes the native a truthful person, will have beautiful hairs and will look after family. He will respects brahmins and would worship Sun and other Gods. Native will not have good relations with father and wife. He will not be calm. Relationship with friends will be cordial. The native will have wealth, children and friends but not very fortunate. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai Native will be well read in sciences, charitable, will acquire property by self, love for poetry, music and occult sciences. He will be ambitious and Enterprising.  Sunndeep Ghai at Astralbless suggest for proper assess and analyses taking into account PAC with other planets, bhawa position and transit dasha before taking any conclusions.

Sun in 10th House Sun in Tenth House

The Sun in Tenth House has the directional strength and may also form a Raj Yoga being the 5th Lord of Kaal Purush posited in 10th House, depending on the sign in which it is posited there. As per Vedic Astrologer the Native becomes dutiful, disciplined and has dutiful sons. He gets good relations with highly placed officials and also gets good success in life, in government circle and embassies. The native as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will be courageous, enjoys life free of diseases. The person will be bold, clever in acquiring wealth, adventurous, educated and quick decision. Native will be fond of Music and may found institutions. He will be famous and may have successful military or political carrier. As per Astralbless Sundeep Ghai please see Sun PAC in the horoscope and running dasha before coming to a conclusion.

Sun in 11th House Sun in Eleventh House

The Sun posited in 11th House is generally treated good. He will have wealth and power and would be able to destroy his enemies with his wisdom. May suffer on part of progeny. As per Vedic Astrologer native will have beautiful wife, may be rich and may have political power in combination with other planets. He or she will be stately, preserving and would attain success without much efforts. Native may have many enemies, will be a man of principals and will acquire conveyances. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai native may be money minded and interested in gathering wealth, devoid of affection, and may be in the services of ruling Government. He/she may be unstable and a sources of attraction to opposite sex. Astralbless suggest consider PAC with all other planets before coming to any final conclusions.

Sun in 12th House Sun in Twelfth House

Sun position in 12th House is not described as very favorable. The Native will be a womanizer, sinful, poor, thief, neglected. He will have long limbs and ceremonial minded. As per Vedic Astrologer native will be interested in occult and esoteric activities, will not be happy in respect of children. The person may suffer from appendicitis, may be morally fallen, will have deformed body and some defect in the eyes. As per Sundeep Ghai the native will have weak constitution, may be benefited from government and will not have good heart. The native will live in foreign country. If Sun associated with 6th Lord then disease like leprosy can be there. If it’s a female then she may be malicious, drunkard, impure. As per Astralbless other planetary positions should be looked in a horoscope before coming to any final conclusions.

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