By Jyotsna Ghai

Best Vedic Astrologer

Indian Vedic Astrology is a powerful Corrective Energy and a beautiful guide to direct your life forces onto right path. We here analyze details given by you to get the best way to live and be successful in your life Journey

Best Vedic Astrologer

Best Tarot Card Reader

Tarot are a beautiful divine guide for your questions of love, Relationship, Carrier, Health, Anxiety, Kids & More. We invoke the positive Universe energies to get the best guidance from these cards for your life, situations and how to bring improvement in them.

Best Tarot Card Reader

Best Vaastu Consultant

All directions have specific energies. When we align our structures to those Cosmic Energies at our Home, Workplace or Society then serenity, health and better life is achieved.


Best Vaastu Consultant

Reiki Healer

Lethargy, Anxiety, Low Feeling, Pains and lot of Negativities get healed with this beautiful and powerful energy. Get Reiki healing for relaxation better recovery in any situation of life. Take Reiki for your Old Parents, Patient whom you love, Kids and loved ones in distress at any location. It Works!

Reiki Healer

Best & Genuine Crystals

We provide the best crystals for you. Crystals for Prosperity, Protection, Anxiety, Health Issues, concentrations, Chakra Balancing and much more. Just get in touch now.

Best & Genuine Crystals

About Us

Sundeep Ghai

Meet Acharya Sundeep Ghai a qualified Astrologer, Vaastu Guide, Reiki Healer, Life Coach and acupressure therapist who offers various Services and Consultations. He uses the holy Vedic knowledge & intuition to offer guidance to all of his clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and face the life challenges with Open heart. Giving consultations to thousands of clients from every walk of life whether Politics, Acting, IT Profession, Government or Private Jobs, Business and Entrepreneurs he has tried knowledge infusion for betterment of life.

Jyotsna Ghai

Meet Jyotsna Ghai a Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Healer, a life coach and an acupressure therapist. From past more then 18 years she has been serving the people with her devotion and knowledge. She says that this all is by the grace of God & Guruji and she is just a medium. Main force is the intention with which a person approaches to a Guide/ healer that positiveness works. She has given service to thousands of clients in all walks of life whether in Corporates, Business, Students, Government employees or freelancer Entrepreneurs .

Astrology Services


Get the Complete Analysis of Planet’s Effect on your Life, Best Remedies & Corrective Path


Get the Accurate Psychic Reading & Angel Guidance


Get Best Vaastu Analysis For Better harmony & Peace at your Home and Work


Get the best Natural Remedies to BOOST your Life Forces by Lovely Crystals


Experience the Healing Energy for yourself and your loved ones

Remedial Pooja

To BOOST Positive Energy into your life and ward off Negativities


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As an astrology tarot reader, their insights were truly on point. The way they connected the cards and the stars gave me a new perspective on my life. And the added touch of their Reiki healing left me feeling empowered and balanced. A truly unique and transformative experience!
Divya Sameer
Divya SameerClient
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I've had the pleasure of receiving both astrology tarot readings and Reiki healing sessions from them. Their compassionate approach made me feel at ease instantly. The readings provided clear guidance, and the Reiki sessions were incredibly soothing. It's like they have a gift for understanding what you need most.
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A session with them is like a breath of fresh air for the soul. The astrology tarot reading was spot on and seemed to tap into my inner thoughts and emotions. Their Reiki healing took it to the next level, leaving me feeling lighter and more connected. Highly recommended!
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This astrologer tarot reader and Reiki healer has a unique way of blending these practices. The tarot reading opened my eyes to aspects I hadn't considered, and the Reiki healing was a truly transformative experience. I left the session with a renewed sense of purpose and positivity.
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What a wonderful combination of talents! Their astrology tarot reading was insightful, accurate, and helped me see my life from a different angle. The Reiki healing complemented this beautifully, bringing a sense of calm and balance that stayed with me long after the session ended. A holistic approach to wellness that I'll return to.

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