By Jyotsna Ghai

Remedial Pooja

Each Planet effect your Life either Positively or Negatively. Pooja is a request to your Deity for better life.


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As an astrology tarot reader, their insights were truly on point. The way they connected the cards and the stars gave me a new perspective on my life. And the added touch of their Reiki healing left me feeling empowered and balanced. A truly unique and transformative experience!
Divya Sameer
Divya SameerClient
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I've had the pleasure of receiving both astrology tarot readings and Reiki healing sessions from them. Their compassionate approach made me feel at ease instantly. The readings provided clear guidance, and the Reiki sessions were incredibly soothing. It's like they have a gift for understanding what you need most.
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A session with them is like a breath of fresh air for the soul. The astrology tarot reading was spot on and seemed to tap into my inner thoughts and emotions. Their Reiki healing took it to the next level, leaving me feeling lighter and more connected. Highly recommended!
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This astrologer tarot reader and Reiki healer has a unique way of blending these practices. The tarot reading opened my eyes to aspects I hadn't considered, and the Reiki healing was a truly transformative experience. I left the session with a renewed sense of purpose and positivity.
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What a wonderful combination of talents! Their astrology tarot reading was insightful, accurate, and helped me see my life from a different angle. The Reiki healing complemented this beautifully, bringing a sense of calm and balance that stayed with me long after the session ended. A holistic approach to wellness that I'll return to.

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