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Moon in 1st House Moon in First House

Moon in 1st House of a horoscope make the Native wealthy, beautiful, courageous and happy. If positioned in First house in Aries, Taurus, Cancer sign then being well posited and strong will give the native wealth, liberty and pleasure. In this  house the Native becomes passionate, distressed, dumb and may also loose prosperity. As per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai if Moon is weak, debilitated or afflicted then native will be very poor, idiot and in distress. The Native will be mentally unsteady, suffers bodily troubles. As per Vedic astrology the person will be well versed in shastra, soft spoken, soft skin and will not be intelligent. Moon makes the person romantic, moderate eater, disease in private organs or ears. Sundeep Ghai says that native may be intensely passionate, fickle minded, stubborn and proud. Astralbless suggest to check the position of other planets also before giving any final conclusions.

Moon in 2nd House Moon in Second House

Moon in second house as per Vedic astrologer Sundeep Ghai makes the native a donor, owner of wealth, intelligent and will have face like a lotus. He will enjoy pleasure and comfort. Native will be inconstant, wicked, flickering and may have defective limbs & sensuous. Native will have many friends and if full moon the native will speak less but be affluent, full of glory. If moon afflicted he may have break in education, lose money on account of daughters and sisters. The native may enjoy women and will be affectionate towards family. Astralbless Sundeep Ghai suggest to see the PAC of all other planets before coming to any final predictions.

Moon in 3rd  House Moon in Third House

The Moon in third house makes the Native wealthy, speak slowly or will talk less and will be educated. He will protect his coborns. If moon is posited in benefic sign then the native as per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai make the native enjoy happiness, food and interested in learning. If it is afflicted then will suffer from rheumatic trouble, have negligible agricultural output, unfortunate and will have windy complaints. He may have piles in later stage of life and miserly. The native will be fond of travelling and active minded. Astalbless suggests to see the PAC in the chart before deriving any final conclusions.

Moon in 4th House Moon in Fourth House

Moon in fourth house as per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai has been described beneficial in many aspects. The Native will be comfortable, will have polite and good manners, high education, wealthy, popular and successful. Native will do business of fish products, pearls, liquids. The Native will be blessed with children and may have happy childhood. If moon in good position then will have good mother and if afflicted then it may be bad for the mother. This position as per many astrologers is not considered good for mother. The native as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will enjoy balanced life neither very happy nor be miserable. He will be fond of travelling by water, be charitable with high reputation. Results vary as per the rashi, aspects and side of moon whether dark or bright. Astalbless suggest to please evaluate the PAC with other planets before making any conclusions.

Moon in 5th House Moon in Fifth House

Moon in fifth house makes the native good looking, quick tempered, shrewd, showy and Satvik. As per Vedic Astrologer the native will have more daughters then son in his life. There may be interruption in his education. The native will have sufficient wealth and assets, sincere and pious wife. Astrologer Sundeep Ghai says that if the moon is weak, waning or in enemy’s house the native will be devoid of wife, wealth and children. If weak moon then he may be controlled by his spouse and oppose family members. The native may be quick tempered and would be successful in pleasing the Goddesses. The native gets blessings of the deity. Strong moon make the native scholar, passionate, good learner with good food and clothe in life. suggest to please consider the PAC with all other respected planets before any conclusions.

Moon in 6th House Moon in Sixth House

Moon in sixth house make the native tender, submissive to the opposite sex, indolent, short tempered, lazy, slender body, weak sexual connections, and worries about cousins. The position of moon here as per Vedic Astrologer make the person victorious over enemies and enemies cannot raise their heads again. The relations will not be cordial or mother will not be happy. The person as per Vedic Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will be one who helps anyone in need. He will have the habit of giving help to other even at his own cost of health, wealth and prestige. Female with moon in sixth house make them fickle mind, mean conduct and treacherous. The native will develop illicit relations with widow or indulge in sinful deed. If moon afflicted with Rahu & Ketu the native will be devoid of wealth, have enemies and stomach troubles. As per it is suggested to see the PAC with other planets before any conclusions.

Moon in 7th House Moon in Seventh House

Moon in seventh house gives the native a very beautiful wife, will be loved by faithful and illustrious spouse. The full moon make the person passionate, fond of women, have good family, will be social, successful and energetic in field of life. . As per Vedic astrologer the weak, afflicted or in a malefic sign the native will be devoid of happiness, the spouse will be sick, native’s mother will be short lived, narrow minded and will have pitiable condition. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai moon in seventh house make the native soft spoken, fond of women, will get a beautiful wide in 32nd year, may have defect in eyes, earth wealth through business in foreign places, will sexually enjoy many women or will many wives. The native will be interested in music. suggest to study the PAC with all other planets when making a conclusion.

Moon in 8th House Moon in Eighth House

Moon position in eighth house as per Vedic Astrologer will give comforts of conveyances, the native will be very intelligent. If the moon is weak here then the native will not enjoy conjugal happiness, fill suffer from some disease and will be short lives. The native as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will can suffer from some severer diseases and will be sickly. If moon is in its wone sign  or in sign of Jupiter or Mercury or Venus the cause of death may be bronchitis. In female natives it may case sick eyes, breast or vaginal troubles. As per the PAC with all other planets should be seen to come to a better conclusion.

Moon in 9th House Moon in Ninth House

Moon in the ninth house makes the native popular, highly learned, intelligent and wealthy. As per Vedic Astrologer it make the native charitable, construct ponds, tanks and shelter for cows and others. He will be happy of his children. If the moon is afflicted the native will be unfortunate or may loose his parents early. The native will be lover of fiction, active, godly, religious and famous. He will love to travel and have immovable property. Strong moon as per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai will make the native successful in the middle of his life and would be devoted to his father. Moon here gives the blessing of Goddess which bestows luck, fame and success. As per PAC with all other planets should be studied before coming to any final conclusions.

Moon in 10th House Moon in Tenth House

The position of Moon in tenth house is considered good, if strong native will achiever high academic attainments, will be brilliant and will be famous and kind hearted. The person will be victorious over his enemies, achieve success in his work and will have many sons and good wife. As per Vedic Astrologer if moon is in enemy’s sig or a malefic sign then the native will have weak constitution and will suffer cough, will inherit wealth from mother, will be idle, dull and will be effortless. As per Astrologer Sundeep Ghai native will achieve high academic attainments, will be brilliant, kind hearted, have long life and popular. Afflicted moon can give illicit relations. Good position engages him in charitable and religious activities. AstralBless suggest to see the PAC before conclusions.

Moon in 11th House Moon in Eleventh House

Moon in Eleventh House will be beneficial to native for giving him immense wealth, comfort, good wife, servants and success. He will be wealthy and popular with boldness. The person will be long lived and high minded. The native will be sharp and intelligent with many sons. He will be plentiful with helping nature and possess a praise worthy qualities. If the Moon is weak, with any malefic or debilitated or in enemy’s house it will cause disease to the native and turn him bad from heart. As per astrologer Sundeep Ghai moon in this house may be bad for mother as it is eight from the fourth. This house represents fame so presence of moon here makes the person famous for his qualities. Since it is just opposite to fifth house the aspect will give good education, politeness and children. As per Sunndeep he may be the eldest brother or may have sister elder to him. He will be like and helped by fair sex. As per prior relations and PAC with other planets is to be considered before coming to final conclusions.

Moon in 12th House Moon in Twelfth House

As per Vedic knowledge moon in this 12th house makes the native weak in constitution, indolent, unhappy and humiliated. And others people have animosity with him. The native  may suffer eyes diseases, will not get respect and be fallen in moral senses. If the moon is strong by being in its own sign or sign of Jupiter or mercury the native will have control over his senses, happy, enjoy comforts and will be a donor. Usually the native is deprived of food, incurs wasteful expenses, possess angry nature and may earn money by questionable means. Moon in 12th house as per astrologer Sundeep Ghai makes the native learned and kind hearted. It makes the persons solitary and obscure. Native may have indigestion issues, lot of mental worries. As twelfth house is also considered as a house of sexual enjoyments the position of the moon may give tendency to make wasteful expenses and face humiliations. As per Sunndeep Ghai this house is also a Moksha Sthana or house of Ultimate Liberation so moon here gives inclination towards religious activities and native may spend for auspicious purposes. As per the overall analysis of the chart is must to get better predictions. 

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